Test Track becomes SCORM Cloud

Before and after look at the feature changes we’ve made


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So why did we decide to mess with Test Track? After all, it is a great product. Did we really need to change things? (It’s not quite like messing with perfection, but we know there are some who like things that work to just stay the same.)

But same, just not cutting it. We ask for feedback all the time and one thing that keeps coming up when we hear from you is course sharing. A lot. So goal one in improving Test Track was to make that possible. By rolling the free online version into SCORM Cloud, you can not only share courses, but connect out to just about any other site on the internet.

Plus, as you can see below, it’s just so much gosh darned prettier as well!

Before and After


  1. Course import
  2. Package update
  3. Debug logs
  4. Course status
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