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Testing service moves to a new neighborhood. Same great SCORM test capability but with access to new features


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Test Track Meets SCORM Cloud

For years now, we’ve provided a free service to make it simple to test your SCORM content, to see just how it will look when it runs in an LMS. Test Track has stopped many a head-banging-against-the-wall by letting you take a look under the hood to see what might be causing content to not launch correctly.

But Test Track wasn’t meeting every need of its users. We heard time after time from people who wanted to be able to share courses right out of Test Track. And, well, since that was a function of our SCORM Cloud product, we realized we could give them a very simple solution.

So Test Track became a part of SCORM Cloud, providing testing capability there and gaining access to features such as course sharing and reporting. It’s the same great service, just in a new neighborhood with great new neighbors.

How does it compare to Test Track?

If you’ve used Test Track in the past, you have some idea of what you would expect to see. Take a feature by feature walk-through the library section of SCORM Cloud, which now is where you can test your content, invite learners to take a course and see how they do.

Can I get Test Track in other forms?

Yes, we do sell Test Track directly in certain situations. If you want to be able to use SCORM Test Track on your local machine or network, or for proprietary/classified content, or even just for really big content, we sell a version that is largely the same application you see online. Pricing varies depending on your situation, but generally is $800 per named user. If you’re interested in purchasing a local or personalized version of SCORM Test Track, please email us at

Some of our SCORM Engine clients have elected to embed SCORM Test Track in their installations as well. Today this allows these clients to offer their users a single interface and consistent behavior between their LMS and their test bed. These customized SCORM Test Track installations could allow for direct integration between the test bed and the LMS.