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Versioning in SCORM Cloud

When updating an existing course in SCORM Cloud, you have two options: overwrite, or iterate. We call iterating “versioning.”

In the Library section, under SCORM Test Track Sand Box, you’ll see two options for updating your existing content.

  1. Overwrite course files
  2. Create a new version

What’s the difference? We’ll tell you here.

Overwrite course files

scorm cloud overwrite old courses

“Overwriting” is exactly what you think. Your old course is overwritten with a new one. Any registration data that was associated with that course will be reset. Overwriting a course over and over will only keep the latest copy of your course stored, so only the most current version of the course will count toward your storage limit.

Overwriting is perfect for repeated updating of test courses with no registrations, or to reset all registration data when overwriting the course manifest.

Acceptable files for overwriting a course:

  • SCORM Manifest (imsmanifest.xml) – re-import course, reset registration
  • Course Package – full or partial (ex: – re-import course and reset registration if imsmanifest.xml has changed, update existing course files
  • Individual Assets (ex: intro.html) – saves individual file to course root, overwrite if exists


Create New Version

“Versioning” is best used when you want to make an extensive update to a live course that already has registrations associated with it, or if you want to be able to seamlessly track multiple updates to a single course.
create new versions of courses in SCORM Cloud and retain learning history
When you create a new version of a course, a new version of your course is stored in SCORM Cloud. If there are existing registrations on the earlier version course, they can be preserved. You can go “back in time” in SCORM Cloud and look at previous versions of your course. You can look at your old versions of content and get reports for old versions. You can also control how your content gets served to learners who are in the process of taking your course while you upload your new version.
details of how to make scorm cloud versions and retain registration data
You have several different options when it comes to handling existing registrations with a new version of a course.

    Move Existing Registrations To Newest Version When:

    • Never – always keep them on the old version
    • If Incomplete – only if they haven’t completed the old version
    • When Completed – once the old version is completed, launch new version
    • When Failed – only if they have finished and failed the old version
    • When Passed – only if they have finished and passed the old version
    • Always – next launch will start them on newest version


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