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Home Sweet Home


Home is the place to start on our tour; it’s what you’ll see when you first log in each time. And it serves as a high-level view of your SCORM Cloud world – giving you a snapshot of what’s happened most recently with courses, people and other activity.

Off to the left side, you’ll find the main navigation for SCORM Cloud. Each tab takes you to a different section, and we’ll visit each of them on this tour.
scorm cloud add content create quiz convert scorm video import course

On the right side of the screen, you’ll almost always see the “Add Content” section. This is there you can import an SCORM course, upload a video to ScoTube for SCORM conversion (you can also use any YouTube video), create a SCORM quiz, test or survey with Quizzage, or import your large courses via FTP.

Looking up at the top of the page, there’s a strip that runs there with a whole lot of other options for you. Working left to right:

  • Your Realms – This lets you see all your realms and create new ones. (A realm is your SCORM Cloud world and you can have more than one.)
  • Current Realm – You’ll see the name of the realm you’re currently in. A quick click shows you the other realms you have so you can change from one to another.
  • Logged In As/User Account – Shows which user account you’re using right now (in case you have an admin and a learner account) and a way to let you change your password or other basic account info.
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