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Wrap with Dispatch

If you’re using SCORM Cloud to send content, the Dispatch area is where you can check on the courses you’ve sent, add new destinations as you need them and check reports for each course. The start page for the list of which courses you’ve packaged up, where they were sent and when. From this page, you can also add more tags, create and delete dispatches and enable/disable ones you’ve already created.


Ready to send a dispatch? Once you’ve created a dispatch package, click the name of the course from the main list. You’ll be taken to the individual course dispatch page. Edit the destination tags and description, review the course settings or delete (if you must!). If you’re ready to go, click export and you’ll be given the opportunity to download the .zip file all ready for uploading into your LMS.

dispatch-destinationsDestinations are a way for you to keep track of where you’ve sent your packages. Name them anything that makes sense to you, add tags and give them longer descriptions as needed. Clicking the name in the list gives you a list of every course sent to that destination.


Now, dispatch reports are a little different from the course reports. They’re there to help you keep track of who is using your course once you take it outside of SCORM Cloud. Every time the course is launched, it’ll show up here so you can keep track. It even shows you what URL just to confirm it’s being used where you expect.

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