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Account Management

If you’re the account owner, you’ll have a bonus tab down the left side for your account management page. This is where you go if you need to change your billing information or upgrade to a higher level. You can also track how you’re doing on registration usage to ensure you’re signed up for the right level.

Across the top of the page are the options that get you to the different sections. Edit Account is where you go if you need to drop your account down to the trial size or bump it up to a bigger size to handle your changing needs. You can also change how to handle overages and billing information here.

account-billingBilling summary shows you your invoice history. There’s some great information on the invoice that you’ll want to keep track of, like how many registrations you’re paying for and how many you actually use. You can also see when the credit card on file was charged and if there were any problems with it going through.

account-usageOn to usage reports. This gives you a list of every registration created in your account and you can look at all of them at once (yowsers!) or look by month. The by-month view also gives you a chart option so you can see a timeline of registration creation. If you need it. Odds are you won’t come by this page that often.

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