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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 …

Testing SCORM content was a bit of a beating until Test Track came along. It gave you a great production implementation without having to do any work on your end. Just upload your course, push a button and watch the course run. (You hoped.) Any problems were laid out clearly in the debug logs, making them easier to find and fix.

And if you really wanted to get into it, Test Track let you pick and choose course properties until you found the ones that let your course run at its best. Between playing with course properties settings and recording problems listed in the debug logs, it was possible to tweak your content to ensure the best possible outcome once it was sent to the LMS.

These features have always worked great, met the needs of Test Track users and are all still available for you within the new SCORM Cloud.

But wait, there’s more!

That said, we know there’s more many Test Track users wanted to be able to do. And all of it required that Test Track become connected to other places online. By adding Test Track to SCORM Cloud, those connections become possible. Which means you can now share courses with others, control your content even when sending it out. In fact, if you find your course works in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, we’ve got a fix for that right in SCORM Cloud.

And the cost is …

Oh, yeah. We realize one of the reasons people loved Test Track was because it was free. Free, free, free. And … it still is.

Our reasons for making (and keeping) this free are still valid. We want to support and further SCORM, and seeing all the ways SCORM gets implemented helps us make it better. So within your SCORM Cloud account, you can test as many courses as you like just as often as you need to and it’s still free.

Now, beyond testing, you can share courses and send them to an LMS, even out of the trial account. But those features are only free for the first 10 users. If you find you need more than that, though, switching over to a paid account is easy (as is switching back).

Is this the SCORM Test Suite?

Nope. ADL produces an official SCORM Conformance Test Suite (CTS). The CTS is the only definitive way to prove that your content is SCORM conformant.

The CTS performs strict tests for basic technical conformance. SCORM Cloud lets you experience content as the learner will in the real world. The two compliment each other.

To use an analogy, the CTS is like the government emissions and safety tests your car goes through. These tests ensure that the car meets the minimum requirements. SCORM Cloud is like taking a car on a test drive.

SCORM Cloud doesn’t check for strict technical conformance, in fact it is quite tolerant of mistakes (but it points them out to you when it can). SCORM Cloud is probably the friendliest, most accepting SCORM player out there. If your content doesn’t work in SCORM Cloud, it is probably not going to work in your LMS either.