ScoTube converts your videos to SCORM/AICC. Use a YouTube video, or upload your own, then play it in SCORM Cloud or your LMS.


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ScoTube: How To

Need some help using ScoTube? No problem! We’ve put together this handy “How To” guide just for you. Because we like you. A lot.

  1. First, log in to your SCORM Cloud account. Don’t have an account? Sign up for a free trial account.
  2. Click on the ScoTube link in the blue Add Content box
  3. Take one of the two following paths:
  4. Option 1 – Use an existing YouTube video

    • To convert a YouTube video, search for that video or type in the URL for your video of choice.

    • Uploading the video “as-is” is simple. Just click the Add Course button.

    • Looking to customize your video? Click on Edit Video Details to make changes to Video Title, Author and Description. For even more customization expand “more options” to make changes to keywords, SCORM Version, etc.

    Option 2 – Upload your own video

    • If you are uploading your own video file, simply chose your file from your computer.

    • Add some information about your video. Don’t forget the title! You can also designate video keywords and pick your preferred SCORM Version.

    • Still having some trouble? Check out our Advanced Troubleshooting Tips Guide.

  5. Once you have your details the way you want them, click the Add Course button and your course will be added to your library.
  6. Share your course with others through invitations or Dispatch.

Need a little more help? Email us at We’re happy to help.