ScoTube converts your videos to SCORM/AICC. Use a YouTube video, or upload your own, then play it in SCORM Cloud or your LMS.


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With ScoTube, SCORM Cloud converts your videos to SCORM content.


convert video to scorm flash flv mov mp4 m4v f4v youtube
It really is as simple as you see here. There are two ways to turn your videos into SCORM conformant ones that are playable in any LMS or in SCORM Cloud: upload your own, or use an existing YouTube video. Just use ScoTube, which can be found in SCORM Cloud.

The gist:

  • Videos can be converted into SCORM packages. (FLV, MOV, MP4, M4V, F4V, Flash video, or any YouTube video)
  • You can invite learners in SCORM Cloud
  • You can export those videos for use in any SCORM LMS (free for YouTube videos, exporting uploaded videos is for paid accounts)


Videos converted in ScoTube can be delivered right from SCORM Cloud, just like any other course. You can send invitations directly to learners, or use Dispatch to deliver your video to an LMS and retain complete control over your content. The normal registration rules apply to any videos converted with ScoTube.

If you want to export your video as a stand-alone SCORM package, you can do that. You can export as many YouTube videos as you want, but “upload your own” video exports are for paid accounts only.

There is a limit to how many “upload your own” videos you can export as stand-alone SCORM packages, and these limits vary based on the level of your account. Keep in mind that by exporting a stand-alone SCORM package, you’ll lose the control, deliverability, and reporting that SCORM Cloud offers.

How do you get started converting videos to SCORM with ScoTube? We’ve made it easy enough to use that you can just dive in and use it. Make sure you have a SCORM Cloud account, and then click the ScoTube link in the import section of SCORM Cloud to get started. To see step-by-step instructions on how to use ScoTube, click here.