Create, deliver, and track quizzes, tests and surveys all inside SCORM Cloud.


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1. a SCORM Cloud tool used to create SCORM quizzes, tests and
that can be delivered to learners in SCORM Cloud or any LMS.
ex: “In about 5 minutes, I used quizzage to create a quiz and deliver
it to my learners.”

We made up a word to describe our new SCORM Cloud feature — Quizzage.

Quizzage does exactly what it says it does. It’s a simple and seamless way of creating quizzes, tests and surveys in SCORM Cloud that can be delivered and tracked with the reporting features that many of you already enjoy.

The gist:

  • You can create a quiz with questions of these types: multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blank, matching
  • That quiz can then be used like any SCORM package
  • In SCORM Cloud, you can invite a learner to take it or deliver it to an LMS using Dispatch
  • If you want to use it in another SCORM based LMS, you can also do that by exporting it (which is available only on paid accounts)


Quizzage is lightweight and easy to use, but it’s not as feature-packed as many test making tools. If all you need is an easy to use tool that creates straightforward, trackable SCORM conformant tests and surveys, then Quizzage might be the perfect low-cost solution for you.

Content that’s created in Quizzage can be used in SCORM Cloud by inviting users to experience your content, or it can be sent to an LMS as a Dispatch package (with all of that great Dispatch functionality).

If you’d rather, you can export your quiz as a stand-alone SCORM package. Monthly allowances for course exports vary by account level. Keep in mind that by exporting your quiz as a stand-alone SCORM package, you’ll lose the control, deliverability and reporting that SCORM Cloud offers.

Who gets to use Quizzage? Any SCORM Cloud account holder (even trial users.) Tests that are taken through SCORM Cloud invites or via Dispatch are counted towards your monthly registration limit.

Ready to get started using Quizzage? Just create a SCORM Cloud account, and select the Quizzage link from the import section of SCORM Cloud. The interface is very intuitive and is full of helpful tips along the way. For a step-by-step “how to” guide to Quizzage, click here.


If you’re not the “hands on” type, watch this screen-cast of Quizzage in action. It’s much nicer if you click the “watch in HD” button.