Maintain control of your content once it leaves your hands.


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Out of your hands

If you create content for others, you cede ultimate control of your content to them once you pass it off. You might have no idea how they’re using it (or if), how well it was received, how it could have been improved – nothing. And if you issue it under a licensing agreement, relying on the client to tell you how many times the course was used could be a losing proposition for you.

With the Dispatch function of SCORM Cloud, you can actually see how your content is being used. You can generate your own stats for per-user invoicing and get some general information on where learners might be having trouble. That’s a bit broad of an explanation, actually, so let’s get a little deeper.

What it means for you

You’ve developed some great courses and demand is good. You’ve always wanted to know what happened after the course left your hands. How often does the client actually use it? What sections aren’t working as planned? Has the course stayed with the client it was supposed to?

So how can Dispatch help? Upload your course to SCORM Cloud and get answers to your questions.

Once you have your course uploaded, you can make it a Dispatch package and send it off to your client to use in their LMS. The wrapper on the course not only ensures the course will work in the LMS (yea!) but sends data back to SCORM Cloud so you can see it.

The reports from Dispatch can show you when your course was accessed and from where. See a course being played from somewhere you didn’t sell it? Disabling it is quick and easy. Charging a client by the number of times they use the course? See those numbers quickly and easily right from the report page in the Dispatch section.

A-reporting we will go

Just what can you see on the Dispatch reports? Click on “Reports” at the top right of the Dispatch section and you’ll be met with an array of numbers – every thing from when the course was created to the last time it was accessed. And you can export the entire report to a .CSV file for use in your business files, invoices, client reports. And the .CSV file includes even more data, including the IP address where the course was accessed!



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