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One of our claims to fame is our tolerance. Well, the tolerance we’ve built in to our products. (Although we’re pretty tolerant as people too.) Thanks to our experiences in Test Track, we’ve seen a myriad of ways the SCORM can be interpreted in content. We use that knowledge to tweak SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud to make them as flexible as possible.

For that reason, there’s a chance your content will work just fine when you test in SCORM Cloud, but fail miserably when you launch in your LMS. Ouch. It used to be your choices were limited – to tweaking your manifest or content to make it palatable to the LMS. (Well, there was also the option of changing the LMS, but that would be time-consuming and painful and is likely out of your control.)

So what to do? SCORM Cloud to the rescue. If your content works just fine in SCORM Cloud, you can actually use it to help your LMS digest your course and launch it perfectly. SCORM Cloud attaches some code to the course that lets your LMS use it to handle the SCORM portion and smooth things over.

(Yes, there is a much more technical explanation to how this works. If you really want to know what it is, ask the wizard sometime when you catch him out from behind his curtain. But if all you care about is that your course works, fuggeddaboudit.)

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