Everything you wanted to know about SCORM Cloud pricing

SCORM Cloud differs from the traditional LMS in many ways — including the pricing structure. Rather than charge you based on users, we’d rather have you pay based on how much you use SCORM Cloud. It’s not complicated, but it’s probably different than what you’re used to, so we want to make it clear for you.

Your questions answered:


What does it mean when you say that a registration is “a record of a learner being associated with a course”?

It is simply how your usage of SCORM Cloud is measured, and it determines what you pay. A course can be a SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 or AICC prepackaged zip file.

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When does the association between the learner and course happen? Or, how do I create a registration?

If you’re using public invitations, that association starts when the learner launches the course. A private invitation makes that association when the email is sent from SCORM Cloud to a learner. Dispatches and registrations created through the Apps or the API will vary based on the rules that you apply (private or public invitations).

The two types of invitations

Private invitations:

SCORM Cloud sends an email to your learner, and only that learner can access your content. A registration is created as soon as SCORM Cloud sends an email invite to your learner.

SCORM Cloud Private invite

Public invitations:

SCORM Cloud generates a link to your content, and anyone with that link can register and experience your content. A registration isn’t created until a learner launches the course.

SCORM Cloud public invite


Do I have to keep paying for registrations each month once I have created them?

Great news! We want to be awesome to you, so you only pay for the registration when it was created. After that, learners can access the course as often and as long as they like (or you want them to) without any additional registration fees.

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How does the Trial plan work?

We really want you to try SCORM Cloud — whether it’s simply testing content or building a full blown integration. Either way, we created the Trial plan to make it easy to play in SCORM Cloud without having to pay for it. Unlike other trial offers, this one isn’t time based — you could be a trial user for years. In fact, we have lots of folks that have been using SCORM Cloud to test content free of charge for years. But there are some limits (it is free after all).

  • Storage space — up to 100MB of storage for your content.
  • Registrations — 10 active registrations. Unlike our monthly paid plans, your Trial plan is based on total usage, so the registrations don’t reset every month. If you hit your maximum, you can either clear the existing registrations to make room for more, or upgrade to a paid account.

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Can I change the size of my account plan?

We designed SCORM Cloud to be flexible in many ways — including the cost. So yes, you can change the size of your account at any time as your training volume changes. You can even move back to a trial status at any time without disrupting existing registrations or access to your data.

You’re charged monthly on your billing date based on the plan active on the account and if there were any overages from the previous month.

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Why is there such a big jump between the Big and Bigger plans?

One size (or 5 sizes) will never fit all. Rather than build a bunch of plan levels, overages give you the flexibility to deliver more registrations beyond those included with your monthly allotment. The chart below will give you an idea of what plan makes sense for you based on how many new registrations you plan to create each month.


Table Caption
If this many registrations: Then choose this plan:
1 – 75 Little
76 – 150 Medium
151 – 2,421 Big
2,422 – 43,000 Bigger
43,001+ Even Biggerer

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Can I control or limit the number of registrations created on my account?

There are a few ways you can manage how many registrations are created each month, and all of these settings can be changed from within your SCORM Cloud account:

  • Select “Do Not Allow Overages” as a setting in your account. Once you hit the monthly allotment, no more registrations are created until next month.
  • Close a public invitation to new registrations
  • Using private invitations allows you to control exactly when the registration is created, since it’s counted when you send the invitation email from within SCORM Cloud, not when the learner launches the course.


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How does pricing work with the Experience API (xAPI)?

There’s currently no charge to accept externally-generated xAPI statements. We want you to collect as much data as you can (that’s one of the things that makes xAPI so useful.)

However, if you import a xAPI package to SCORM Cloud and invite a user to launch that course, it will count as a registration. Read more about pricing xAPI in SCORM Cloud here.
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Okay, I get how you charge me for SCORM Cloud. Now, how do I pay for it?

You can pay for SCORM Cloud via credit card (MC, Visa, AMEX) that we keep on file for you. There is also an invoice option that lets you “fill up the tank” in advance. Instead of charging a credit card, we’ll deduct the charges from the funds in your account.

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