Looks like you’ll have  registrations per month. The  plan should work well for you. Your estimated monthly cost is $.

Remember, you don’t pay any ongoing access fees for existing registrations, just for new training. You can update your plan at any time as your training needs change.

SCORM Cloud Pricing

SCORM Cloud accounts are all based on your monthly usage. Only pay for what you need — choose a plan that fits you. If you’re approaching your monthly limit, we’ll notify you that it might be time to upgrade your account (you can upgrade or downgrade your account whenever you want).

What counts as usage?



If you don’t know what a registration is, then you’ll have no idea which type of SCORM Cloud account you’ll want — so read this part carefully.
A registration is a record of a learner being associated with a course. We view a course as a prepackaged zip file. If you have one learner taking four courses, that’s counted as four registrations. Once a learner accesses the course, they can revisit it as many times as they wish, without creating additional registrations. It’s important to note that a registration is not the same as a learner or a user. A registration simply associates a learner with a course.
We know you’re smart because hey, you’re here. But keep in mind that our pricing structure is unique in the e-learning community. We really recommend that you read our FAQ page about pricing.






SCORM Cloud Monthly Plans

Test Track?Upload and test your e-learning content. Unlimited use is included in all plans. Storage Limit?The amount of content storage you get for your content.

If you run out of storage with a Trial account, you’ll need to delete courses to make room, or upgrade your plan.
Registrations?The number of new registrations included with your plan each month. A registration is the record of a learner being associated with a course.

The Trial plan allows for up to 10 active registrations.

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Overage Cost?The cost to create a registration if you go over your monthly limit. Price?The monthly charge for each plan. Tennessee customers will be charged 9.25% sales tax.
Trial 100MB 10 Free
Little Unlimited 50 $3 $75
Medium Unlimited 100 $3 $150
Big Unlimited 300 $0.33 $300
Bigger Unlimited 3,000 $0.10 $1,000
Even Biggerer Unlimited 60,000 $0.075 $5,000