Your data, how you want it.

SCORM Cloud collects a lot of data. It’s your data, and you can take it whenever and wherever you want. You can use our reporting tools to interpret your data, or you can export part or all of it in spreadsheet format.



Our reporting tool

SCORM Cloud’s built-in reporting gives you an organized and visual way to make sense of all of the learner and course data that is captured. You can quickly see who has (or hasn’t) taken the training, when they took it and the results. Filter reports by date range, learner groups, courses or any combination, see trends and outliers, and get information on learning effectiveness.

Learn more about SCORM Cloud’s reporting tool.



SCORM Cloud reports embedded anywhere

If you’d like the reporting functionality of SCORM Cloud in your own LMS or in your own web environment, there are two ways to accomplish that.

  1. Just about any page or section of Reportage can be turned into a widget that you can embed on your own site or in your LMS. Just copy/paste the provided code.
  2. Use the Reportage API to bring the data into your own system, and retain a high level of control in the process.

Read more about getting reporting data from the Cloud to your own environment.



Seriously, it’s your data.

  • No caps on downloading your data
  • Every account level can export data
  • No weekly or monthly limits, download as often as you like
  • Use the API to setup automatically downloads of your data

Learn more about exporting your data.


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