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Quizzage is a simple way of creating SCORM quizzes, tests and surveys in SCORM Cloud that can be delivered and tracked via SCORM Cloud or any SCORM LMS.

It’s lightweight and easy to use. If all you need is a quick tool that creates straightforward, trackable SCORM conformant tests and surveys, then Quizzage is your ticket.

The gist:

  • You can create a quiz with questions of these types:

    • Multiple Choice
    • True or False
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Matching
  • That quiz can then be used like any SCORM package
  • In SCORM Cloud, you can invite a learner to take it or deliver it to an LMS using Dispatch
  • You can also export the Quizzage SCORM package to use it in another SCORM based LMS.


Who gets to use Quizzage? Any SCORM Cloud account holder (even trial users.) Tests that are taken through SCORM Cloud invites or via Dispatch are counted towards your monthly registration limit.

For detailed instructions and a Quizzage walkthrough, click here.


If you’re not the “hands on” type, watch this screen-cast of Quizzage in action. It’s much nicer if you click the “watch in HD” button.



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