Letting learners experience your e-learning content

Email a link to learners

The simplest way to deliver your e-learning to your learners is with email. From within SCORM Cloud, you can easily email your content to one or many learners. Learn more.



Put a link on your site

You can also get learners to your content by just putting a link to it on your site. That link will work anywhere, and for anyone who has access to your site. Learn more.


Two types of invitations

Private invitations:

SCORM Cloud sends an email to your learner, and only that learner can access your content. A registration is created as soon as SCORM Cloud sends an email invite to your learner.

SCORM Cloud Private invite

Public invitations:

SCORM Cloud generates a link to your content, and anyone with that link can register and experience your content. A registration isn’t created until a learner launches the course.

SCORM Cloud public invite



A simpler way to deliver e-learning.

SCORM Cloud lets you deliver training where your learners live.

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