scorm cloud update content in one place, deliver to many places

Keep your content up to date in just one place

Stop sending new packages to every LMS when you have a content update. Using SCORM Dispatch, you can update your content in SCORM Cloud and every LMS using your Dispatch package will receive the updated content automatically, instantly and across all domains. Work smarter instead of harder.



scorm cloud update content in one place, deliver to many places

How to update your content

In the SCORM Cloud Library, locate the course that you want to update (the course that you’ve used to create your Dispatch).

Click on the course, then under the SCORM Test Track Sandbox section, you’ll find 2 options:

  • Overwrite Course Files- This option is useful for correcting typos or updating images, movies, or audio files.
  • Create New Version-This is best for extensive updates on live courses that have existing registrations. You can even choose how to handle which version existing registrations see.



Your course is now updated, and every LMS that is using a Dispatch package that was created from that course will display your newly-updated course.

For much more detailed information and walkthroughs of Dispatch, check out our forums.


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