scorm dispatch track your content usage in an lms

Track your content, even after it’s been sent to an LMS

It goes hand in hand with granting/denying permissions to your content. If you license your content on a per-use basis, then you need to be able to track how your content is being used after it has been delivered to an LMS. With a normal SCORM package, you give your content to an LMS administrator and leave it up to them to report their usage to you. With Dispatch, you can see the actual usage in an LMS from your SCORM Cloud account.



scorm dispatch track your content usage in an lms

How to track a Dispatch

After creating your Dispatch and importing it into an LMS, go to the Dispatch section in SCORM Cloud and click on the actual title of the Dispatch that you’d like to track. From here, click on the “Reports” button.


Once you’re looking at Reports for the Dispatch that you want to track, just click “Change” in the top/left in the Dates section. Select the criteria that works best for you. If you find that a customer has gone over their usage limit, you can temporarily (or permanently) disable their access.


For much more detailed information and walkthroughs of Dispatch, check out our forums.


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