Remain in control of your content

The Dispatch feature of SCORM Cloud lets you maintain control over your content even after it’s been delivered to an LMS.

A Dispatch Package is a shell of a SCORM package that can be imported into an LMS. When the shell is launched by an LMS, SCORM Cloud loads your course inside the shell. This gives you a new level of control over your content — a level not available from a traditional LMS alone.

Dispatch Packages report high-level results to the LMS and keeps detailed results in SCORM Cloud, even though your course technically stays on SCORM Cloud servers.


What problems does Dispatch solve?

“I’m tired of sending new content packages
to every LMS when I make a small change.”

SCORM Cloud Dispatch update content in one place
With Dispatch, update it once in SCORM Cloud,
and everybody gets the updated version.
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“My client isn’t paying their bills, or is using my content more than we agreed to.”
SCORM Cloud Dispatch control access to your content
With Dispatch, you can disable a client’s access to your content, even after it’s in their LMS.
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“I wish I could track usage of my content after I’ve handed it over to a client.”
SCORM Cloud Dispatch track content after it's been delivered to an LMS
Using Dispatch, you can track everything about your content, no matter where you’ve sent it.
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“My content works in SCORM Cloud, but not in another LMS.”
SCORM Cloud Dispatch helps content work in any LMS
Dispatch takes the compatibility of SCORM Cloud with your content, wherever you send it. Learn more.

“My content is SCORM 2004, but I need to play it in a SCORM 1.2 LMS.”
SCORM Cloud Dispatch play SCORM 2004 content in a SCORM 1.2 LMS
Use SCORM Cloud’s SCORM 2004 player, then Dispatch it to a SCORM 1.2 LMS. Learn more.

“My course is a xAPI package, but my LMS doesn’t support xAPI yet.”
SCORM Cloud Dispatch play tin can package in scorm lms
With Dispatch, you can play the Experience API (xAPI) packages in any SCORM LMS, which is helpful for content creators and LMSs.
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How 180 Skills is using Dispatch

180 Skills used to send individual course packages to local community colleges to use for training. If there was a change to a course, then every college had to get a new course package.

Using SCORM Dispatch, all courses are stored in SCORM Cloud and delivered directly to the colleges’ LMSs automatically when they’re needed. If any of the content needs an update, then 180 Skills just updates it in one place (SCORM Cloud) and it automatically updates in any LMS using that content. They can also track how much their content is being used, something they couldn’t do before.

Learn more about how 180 Skills is using Dispatch.


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