SCORM Cloud plugin for WordPress

Turn your WordPress site into an LMS. It’s easy.
  • Embed training on your WordPress site
  • Assign training to a user from your WordPress dashboard
  • Use a widget to display courses on your site
  • Access course and learner reports from your WordPress dashboard
  • Control the experience directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • Display courses assigned to logged-in users with a widget
  • Supports the the Experience API (the next generation of SCORM)

How do I use it?

scorm cloud wordpress integration wordpress cms as lms

  1. Install the plugin. From the “plugins” menu on your WordPress dashboard, click the “Add New” button and search for “SCORM”. Click “Install Now”. If you’d like to install it manually (the old school way) click here.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. If you don’t already have a SCORM Cloud account, sign up for one here.
  4. Sync your SCORM Cloud account with your WordPress plugin — first get an App ID and Secret Key from SCORM Cloud (see how here.) Then go to the Settings option under SCORM Cloud from the WordPress dashboard and add the App ID and secret key to the settings section of the plugin.

You’ll now see SCORM Cloud in the main menu of your WordPress dashboard, and you’re good to go!

For advanced questions, walkthroughs and uses of the WordPress plugin, click here.

Want further customization of your WordPress integration? One of our partners has done great work with the SCORM Cloud plugin and may be helpful for you:

  • Aura Software – Read more about one of their SCORM Cloud + WordPress integrations here.

Interested in working with us to develop integrations with other LMSs or apps? Let us know.


See how Bentrani Watches is using SCORM Cloud with WordPress

“… learners are actually using the training and managers are actually analyzing the reports! For me and my clients, that is nothing short of a revolution.”
-Michelle Garcia
The Curiosity Shop — Bentrani Training

Learn more about how Bentrani Watches is using SCORM Cloud and WordPress.


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