SCORM Cloud for Moodle

Best-in-class SCORM for Moodle.
  • Use SCORM 2004 content in Moodle
  • Not just for SCORM 2004, works with the most popular standards
  • Use Moodle for your LMS, and use SCORM Cloud for easy access to much more detailed reporting
  • Supports the Experience API (the next generation of SCORM)

How do I install it?

SCORM Cloud for Moodle bring SCORM 2004 to moodle with SCORM Cloud moodle mod

  1. Download the our Moodle Mod from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the package, then drag and drop the folders into the appropriate places.
    (You can also find the Activity Plugin and Course Format add on in the Moodle plugin database.)
  3. Create a SCORM Cloud account and add a new app under the Apps Section. This will give you access to your AppID and Secret Key to activate the mod. Instructions on finding your App ID and Secret Key can be found here.
  4. Log into Moodle and find the SCORM Cloud module settings. You’ll need to add your AppID and Secret Key from the Apps section of your SCORM Cloud account.

You now have the option to use “SCORM Cloud format” inside Moodle, along with SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2,
and AICC support.
For a detailed walkthrough and and advanced installation instructions, click here.
Interested in working with us to develop integrations with other LMSs or apps? Let us know.


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