SCORM Cloud for Moodle

Improve SCORM support for your Moodle LMS

Use Moodle for your LMS, and add SCORM Cloud to boost your SCORM support, add support for more content, and get more detailed reporting.

  • Add support for SCORM 2004 courses in Moodle
  • Play and track xAPI and cmi5 content
  • See more data from courses and assessments, including Q&A details
  • Track everything in the Learning Record Store (LRS)

With SCORM Cloud Dispatch, you can easily connect content from SCORM Cloud right into your Moodle LMS. It’s as easy as importing a SCORM 1.2 course. Nothing to download or install. Just import a Dispatch file into your Moodle LMS, and off you go!


A simpler way to deliver e-learning.

SCORM Cloud lets you deliver training where your learners live.

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