Enhance your LMS, or deliver training without one

Our integrations make it possible to bring e-learning and training to CMSs and apps that many businesses are already using.


Where can I deliver my content today?

Any WordPress powered site can use our WordPress plugin. Once activated, you can invite learners to come experience your content right on your WordPress page or even from a simple blog post. You control the experience and access reporting directly from your WordPress dashboard.



Turn your Drupal installation into an LMS with the community-created SCORM Cloud Drupal module. The Drupal module even gives you an e-commerce option, so you can sell your e-learning content.



Which LMSs already have SCORM Cloud integrations?

Having trouble with SCORM in Moodle? Bring SCORM 2004, xAPI and cmi5, and the compatibility of SCORM Cloud to your Moodle installation using SCORM Cloud Dispatch.



Using Sakai and need SCORM support? Bring AICC and all versions of SCORM to your Sakai system with our Sakai Mod.



The current integrations are just a start!

Is there an integration that you want but don’t see on the list? You can create your own! If you’re willing to share your integration with the SCORM Cloud community, we’ll partner with you to build it.

Partner With Us

SCORM Cloud potential future integrations salesforce facebook email cmsHere are a few other places SCORM Cloud could go:

  • Any LMS without a solid SCORM player
  • Any CMS (Joomla, Movable Type, etc.)
  • HTML email
  • Any CRM (SalesForce, SugarCRM, Zoho, etc.)
  • Calendar based assignments
  • Facebook and other social media outlets

If you have other integration sugestions, let us know!

Build Your Own


See how Bentrani Watches is using SCORM Cloud with WordPress

“… learners are actually using the training and managers are actually analyzing the reports! For me and my clients, that is nothing short of a revolution.”
-Michelle Garcia
The Curiosity Shop — Bentrani Training

Learn more about how Bentrani Watches is using SCORM Cloud and WordPress.


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