A simpler way to deliver e-learning.

SCORM Cloud lets you deliver training where your learners live.

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Up and running in minutes

It’s as easy as emailing a link. Just a few clicks, and you can connect learners to your content. Learn more.


Remain in control of your content

You have control over your content, even after it’s in an LMS. Manage your content updates in one place, no matter where you’ve sent it. Grant/deny permissions for customers to access your content. Track usage and get detailed reporting. Learn more.


SCORM Cloud is already integrated with some great apps

Already have a WordPress site? Want better SCORM support in Moodle? We have integrations and plugins that make it easy to deliver e-learning on popular platforms. Learn more.


Use our API to deliver e-learning to your world

Use the power of the SCORM Cloud API to deploy e-learning in your application or environment. Customize the user experience and leave the SCORMy bits to us. Learn more.


Future proof your training and learning

SCORM works great for a lot of things, but e-learning is evolving. The next generation of e-learning revolves around a technology called the Experience API (also known as xAPI), and SCORM Cloud already supports it. Learn more about the Experience API.


Your content just works here

SCORM Cloud was developed by the leading experts in SCORM. It’s the most flexible and tolerant player available. Learn more.


Your data, how you want it

Your data in SCORM Cloud belongs to you. Use our reporting tools and embeddable widgets to help you understand it, or export it so you can slice and dice it on your own. Learn more.


Support that delights

After working with our support team, you will actually like working with SCORM. It’s magical. Our team doesn’t just help you fix things when they’re broken, they make sure that all of your e-learning and training needs are met. Learn more.


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