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The best-in-class SCORM player is at your fingertips…

There are several companies that make SCORM players. Icodeon, JCA Solutions, and Head3, to name a few, but it’s important to remember that not all SCORM players are created equal.

Some have better customer support, some are more reliable, some will work with offline/mobile situations, and some support the future of e-learning, the Experience API (xAPI).

SCORM Engine has been around for more than a decade, and we pride ourselves at being great at all of the above.

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Why SCORM Engine?


  • It’s easy. We replace SCORM players with SCORM Engine all the time. It’s easy, seamless, and painless.
  • Fewer support issues. SCORM Engine has been around a long time. We’ve figured out just about everything that can go wrong with SCORM content, and built that knowledge into Engine.
  • Reduced cost. It costs less to implement and support SCORM Engine than it does to try SCORM on your own.
  • Future-proof. SCORM Engine has xAPI and cmi5 support, so you’ll be ready for the future.
  • Conformance. Engine can handle any version of SCORM content or AICC content.
  • It’s seamless All of your existing data stays in place—only the player part of your LMS is changed.


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