Managed Hosted Services

If the idea of hosting Engine or Content Controller on your own is overwhelming, we’re happy to do the heavy lifting.

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Looking to take some burden off your developers’ shoulders? We can support your team by managing the hosting of our on-premise software SCORM Engine or Content Controller.

Why would I want someone else to take care of hosting?

Annually, in-house hosting of a product-quality web application that serves a population of about 50,000 users costs at least $150,000 for hosting expenses and labor. There are three main reasons why you’d want to have us help you with hosting:

  1. Delayed Setup: Our clients are always excited to get started but time and time again we’ve seen integrations stall because they don’t have a team who can support setup. Finding dev/ops that can deploy and manage web applications is really difficult and expensive. These challenges can be easily avoided by working with someone else who is experienced and has dedicated time to invest in setup.
  2. Burden on Developers: When we looked at the economics of hosting for our clients, we realized it wasn’t just the cost of computer hardware, bandwidth, storage or technical bits that was expensive, it was the human beings and intelligence needed to build and maintain the service. These are the greatest cost and scarcest resource. Many times we see customers remain on outdated versions of Engine or Content Controller because they lack the resources to upgrade. Our licenses include access to the most recent releases of our software so you’re always on the most up-to-date and stable release.
  3. Technical Difficulty: Hosting web applications well is hard. It may be easy to stand up a server and run Engine on it. It’s a lot harder to build a secure, highly available Engine environment that can hold up under heavy traffic spikes, scale to meet demand and not cost a fortune. We’ve figured out the best systems and processes to consistently maintain stable environments.
What makes you particularly adept at managing my hosting?

Our experience building SCORM Cloud taught us that we’re actually pretty darn good at hosting web applications at scale–Cloud has 2M+ registrations/launches per month globally! This puts us in a great position to provide hosting services that help our clients save time, money and hassle. We can provide a production quality, geographically redundant, highly secure, zero-touch Managed Hosted environment for under $35K annually.

So, when considering Engine or Content Controller, remember you have options when it comes to who handles deployment.  Reach out to us if you have questions about how you can use Managed Hosted Services in your Rustici Software product implementation.