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Use a Rustici Software content distribution solution to centrally host your content and automatically update your product training across your learning ecosystem, whether third-party resellers, customers and your internal LMS.


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Guarantee your customers have the latest version of your product training

Providing product training is essential to your business. It ensures your product is properly used, protects you from liability and supports recurring revenue. But for a product that changes regularly, constantly redistributing SCORM packages to your customers is a serious burden. Whether you provide training as a service or at cost, you hand off your course package to customers and third-party resellers who play them in their own LMS.

This distance between you and your courses makes automatic versioning impossible, leading to serious overhead and risk. Every time you update your courses, you have to inventory your customer base to see who has which course and then deliver new training manually. You have no control over whether your customer actually updates your course in their LMS, so you’re at risk if they don’t use your training properly and you regularly see an influx in Support tickets after product updates.

Your solution lies in bridging the gap between you and your course. By centrally hosting your eLearning content and delivering it via proxy files, you gain automatic distribution, low overhead and minimal risk. Rustici Software distribution solutions have some added bonuses:

Gain meaningful analytics

Real-time sharable reports and question-level analytics let you see who uses your courses and how. Analytics are essential for understanding the cause of an increase in support requests or the reason customers complete certain courses but not others.

Streamline multiple languages

Our eLearning content distribution solutions allow you to deliver a single course in multiple languages. For global companies, this streamlines your administrator’s time required to assign courses and it provides a great user experience for learners, who get to select their language of choice.

Deliver accurate product information

Make sure your customers have the latest version of your product training, automatically. You’re at risk if your product changes and your customers aren’t updated. Always serving the most current and accurate product information protects you from liability and ensures a positive customer experience.

Discontinue course access

Tie course access to product licenses so that your courses expire the same time the product license does. This allows you to maintain control over your intellectual property, ensuring your product information doesn’t fall into the hands of competitors after a customer’s license is met.

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