eLearning Training Distribution Solutions for Content Publishers

Use a Rustici Software content distribution solution to centrally host off-the-shelf or custom eLearning training so you can more easily deliver and manage your courses across third party LMSs.


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Solve the Content Delivery Challenge

You take great pride in creating engaging and valuable content. You invest in the right subject matter experts, Instructional Designers and software to ensure you develop awesome online training and certification programs. Your time pays off: customers license your courses to ensure they have the best training available.

While the courseware is nailed down, you need to face the challenge of licensing and distributing your eLearning training. It’s simple to deliver content direct to learners. But if your customer wants to play your courses through their LMS, it’s really hard to control what happens to your content.

eLearning Training Course Distribution

This can have some pretty serious ramifications. You can’t automatically enforce licenses because it’s impossible to track actual usage and ensure no one is using your courseware outside of license terms. You spend a lot of time delivering multiple course packages once content is updated–and if you happen to support multiple languages, expect your admin burden to increase exponentially. And you’re missing opportunities. You have no insight into how your courses are used and thus what improvements you could make to eLearning training, which is your core business.

Your solution lies in connecting you and your course. Using a Rustici Software distribution solution product, you can centrally host your content and gain control.

Manage licenses and subscriptions

Our eLearning distribution solutions allow you to disable access when a subscription or license expires. Say, “Hello!” to an automatic recurring revenue model.

Decrease administrative burdens

Delivering and maintaining content can be a time consuming, manual effort for both you and your customers. Centrally managing your content allows you to automatically distribute the latest eLearning training to clients.

Deliver multiple languages automatically

Distribute a single course in multiple languages, streamlining your administrators’ time spent assigning courses and managing multiple course files. A Rustici Software distribution solution allows your customers learners’ to select their language of choice, providing a positive user experience.

Make strategic decisions based on data

Central hosting means central data. By gaining insight into which courses are or are not used, you can craft strategic content plans. Creating more desirable content helps extend existing relationships and ensures you sell more to new customers.

Distribute updated content automatically

Your bottom line relies on delivering engaging and accurate courses. Ensure the best, most up-to-date content is always served to customers by distributing new versions to multiple LMSs automatically without having to send out new files.

Delivery Solutions in Action

Our customer the SANS Institute has found big success using an eLearning content distribution solution. They deliver millions of training modules that can be easily tracked and updated. In doing so, they have seen a 90% reduction in time spent delivering content, saving them $100,000 each year in employee costs.

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