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What do you want to do?

We offer a few products that help you better distribute eLearning content. Before we dive into how each works, let’s uncover what you’re looking to do…

I need to deliver product training to my customers. Check out Content Controller.

I want to centralize how we manage our eLearning content within my company. Check out Content Controller or SCORM Dispatch.

I want to sell my content by licensing access to clients. Check out Content Controller.

I want to add Extended Enterprise support to my LMS or eLearning platform. Check out SCORM Dispatch.

I want to play my custom content in 3rd party platforms. Check out SCORM Driver Cross Domain.

What is the best product?

Now that you’ve identified which product might help solve your problem, here’s more information about how they work.

Content Controller

Content Controller is a web-based application that lets you centrally host, manage and distribute your eLearning content. If you place great importance on licensing/versioning capabilities and analytics, Content Controller is a great fit for you.

SCORM Dispatch

SCORM Dispatch connects with your application via an API so it’s perfect if you’re adding eLearning content management into an existing application like an LMS. Dispatch comes in two flavors: as a hosted solution or installed on your servers.

SCORM Driver Cross Domain

SCORM Driver Cross Domain helps you create and distribute non-standardized, dynamically generated eLearning content. It’s a great fit if you create custom content that you want played in other third-party systems like LMSs.

Now what?

Streamlining eLearning content management is a tough thing to do. Gaining deep analytics and control is even tougher. We’ve become pretty darn good at solving these tough problems. So, get in touch, let’s talk through your challenges and help you find the best solution and the best product for you.