ej4: SCORM Driver Cross Domain Case Study



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SCORM Driver Cross Domain (SDXD)

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Content Publisher and LMS Provider

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Content Creator and Distributor


Tom Lynch, CTO

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ej4 gains control of content: increasing sales, updating courses quickly and effectively managing licenses


“What can we say? The great thing about working with SDXD is that the software just works,” said Tom Lynch, CTO at ej4. “We didn’t have any integration problems with our implementation and the ongoing support we’ve received has been invaluable.”

The Problem

ej4 is known for creating awesome content. They provide a fully-customizable, off-the-shelf course catalog, custom course creation services and an award-winning LMS called Thinkzoom.

In order to bridge the gap and fulfill multiple clients’ needs to launch in the LMS of their choice, ej4 spent countless hours testing for compatibility across various LMSs and manually tracking usage. After implementing SCORM Driver Cross Domain (SDXD), ej4 eliminated time and resource atrophy, launched 1.1M courses across 300+ LMSs and gained invaluable insights allowing for stronger licensing control.

The Solution

SDXD gives ej4 the ability to host content on their own internal servers but launch content in their clients’ third party LMSs. The client has the benefit of providing a consistent training experience for learners by removing the need to leave their chosen LMS. ej4 maintains ownership of their content, automatically updating versions and monitoring course usage. This increased control means ej4 avoids relinquishing licensing control that helps them manage and grow relationships more effectively, maintain access to valuable insights otherwise lost after course delivery, and increase revenue by meeting clients’ needs to play in their chosen LMS.

The Benefits
Effective license management

Prior to implementing SDXD, ej4 manually asked clients how often they were accessing courses and where. Now, ej4 sets up a separate account for each customer in Thinkzoom and monitors course usage to ensure access is restricted to licensed users and agreed-upon LMSs. Access into course usage has enabled ej4 to establish appropriate licensing models that drive recurring revenue.

Awesome time savings

Before SDXD, multiple ej4 developers spent hours creating and testing SCORM-compliant content across a variety of client-selected LMSs, encountering constant course failures and inconsistencies. The reliability and accuracy of content packaged and launched with SDXD means that ej4 can now spend time developing new products and features, not troubleshooting and fixing SCORM content during client implementations.

Simple to use and install

ej4 was pleased with the implementation process, finding it straightforward and easy to execute. They enjoy working with Rustici Software’s Delight team, particularly their key contact Joe Donnelly, who always provides a prompt answer to questions.

The Results

Working with Rustici Software has helped ej4 build and maintain client relationships. Since kicking off their implementations, ej4 has:

  • Launched 1.1M courses in 300+ customer LMSs
  • Eliminated the need to troubleshoot content repeatedly across various LMSs, saving both ej4 and ej4’s clients countless hours and altogether eradicating end user tickets
  • Greatly improved and reduced implementation time, allowing more clients to quickly onboard and deploy content