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Content Distribution Solution Use Cases

When customers use your learning platform to play your content, things are simple. But as soon as you distribute your courses so customers can play content in their LMS, things become pretty complex. Rustici Software’s content delivery solutions bridge the gap between you and your courses so that you gain control of how your content is used.

For Content Publishers

Simplify your online training and certification program distribution. Your courseware is your core business so you need to be able to control who uses your courses and how. Our content delivery solutions can help you manage licenses, ensure users are accessing the most current version of a course, and deliver multiple languages automatically. Learn More →


For Product Managers

Streamline product training delivery by centrally hosting your courses. Your training ensures products are properly used, which reduces support costs, protects you from liability and might event present new revenue streams. Using one of our content distribution solutions can help you gain course analytics, streamline multiple languages and ensure your customers are using the most up-to-date training content. Learn More →


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