Rustici Software’s eLearning Content Distribution Solutions

Streamline content distribution across disparate systems by centrally hosting your courses making it easier to release, manage and understand the outcomes.


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Content Controller helps us understand and protect our content and its usage and allows the frequent and consistent updates required by our industry and customers.

– Dan deBeaubien, Director of the SANS Institute



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You have great eLearning courses you are no doubt excited to share. Whether you’re creating training content for multiple customers or connecting learners from disparate parts of your organization, you need a sure-fire way to send your content out into the world.

The problem is that, in the past, you’ve delivered your training as a product. A client wants a course? You hand over an entire course package to your customer who must then host and manage it in their own LMS. Keeping up with updates, tracking license compliance and understanding usage is thus extremely difficult.

Fear not, we’ve got your back. Rustici Software’s eLearning content distribution solutions help you streamline distribution across disparate systems by allowing you to centrally host your content making it easier to release, manage and understand. This allows you to deliver your content as a service, providing a better use experience for your customers and theirs.

What are the benefits to using an eLearning content distribution solution?
  • Centralize content management and analytics by connecting disparate systems across your organization or customer base
  • Reduce cost and risk of inaccurate content by efficiently managing distribution and versioning
  • Give customers agency by allowing them to play content in their platform of preference
  • Boost your recurring revenue with license management tools
  • Deliver content that just works with world-class eLearning standards conformance
  • Analyze and improve your content with valuable insights and content analytics
  • Manage multi-language course capabilities for a better user experience in their language of choice
How do I get started?

Need to deliver product training to customers? Centralize content across your organization? Play training in a third party LMS? We offer a few different eLearning content management products that solve these problems. Each solves the challenge of traditional course distribution but is tailored to different use cases. As a result, we recommend you get in touch with us to talk through your specific challenges, we’d love to help you find the right solution.