SCORM Cloud is an online SCORM Player that’s powered by SCORM Engine. It’s a hosted SCORM player that integrates easily with other platforms.


Test drive SCORM Engine
in SCORM Cloud.

Test drive SCORM Engine in SCORM Cloud

SCORM Cloud is an online SCORM player that’s powered by SCORM Engine. SCORM Cloud is free to try, so it’s the perfect way for you to see the compatibility, reliability and general awesomeness that SCORM Engine can bring to your LMS.

scorm cloud powered by scorm engine test it try it free

There are three main reasons why SCORM Engine is the best SCORM solution, and keep these in mind while test driving:

  • Conformance: we’ve tweaked SCORM Engine for almost a decade, making sure that it can handle anything that you throw at it.
  • Implementation: we can have SCORM Engine integrated with your LMS in just a few weeks. If you decide to do SCORM on your own, it could take years.
  • Support: we’re known for our customer service. If you ever have a problem with SCORM Engine, you’ll be more than happy with our top-notch support. (We hear it all the time.)
How do I get started?

Start your test drive by signing up for a free SCORM Cloud account here.

Every LMS must be able to do three things: import a course, launch a course, and track learner’s progress through a course. Here’s how you can see SCORM Engine do these things inside SCORM Cloud:

scorm cloud engine test drive import course package 1. Import a course. Login to your SCORM Cloud account, and upload a training packages or courseware from the “import course” section that’s found on just about any page in SCORM Cloud. If you really know your stuff, check out the parser warnings and course properties after you’ve imported your course (they can be found by clicking on your course from the Library section.)

scorm cloud test engine launch scorm course2. Launch your course. You can launch your content in SCORM Cloud and watch it just work. To launch your content, navigate to the library section of SCORM Cloud, then click on your course and click the launch button. Launch the course and see the actual player and have the experience a learner would have.

scorm engine reporting reportage test in scorm cloud3. Track your course. In SCORM Cloud, we call this “Reportage”. The tracking and reporting in SCORM Cloud is world-class, because it’s powered by SCORM Engine. To see reports on the course that you’ve uploaded, click on your course in the Library section. From here, you can see some of the rudimentary tracking features that are powered by SCORM Engine.

scorm engine scorm cloud reporting reportangeTo see the advanced tracking that Reportage can pump out via SCORM Engine, click on the “Reportage” button after you’ve clicked on a course in the Library section. We’ve taken Reportage pretty far when it comes to functionality with our reporting (reports can be embedded elsewhere, detailed graphs, elegant sorting options, etc.) You can take it as far as you want in your LMS — that’s up to you. If you’re using SCORM Engine, you can spend more of your time working on these types of things for your LMS, instead of trying to solve SCORM.

Do your worst!

Don’t just go the speed limit — put SCORM Engine through the ringer. SCORM Engine is the most highly compatible SCORM delivery mechanism on the market, and we encourage you to throw any courses or training materials at it that you want.

We’ve spent many years making sure that whatever you upload to SCORM Cloud will be handled with no speed bumps.

…and you don’t have to stop at SCORM content. SCORM Engine works with many other standards: AICC, PENS, cmi5, the Experience API (xAPI) and every version of SCORM. You can even export courses to then be used in a BLTI system.

If it works in SCORM Cloud, then it will work in your LMS with SCORM Engine.

Don’t have any SCORM content to test?

We have you covered. We have several sample SCORM packages that you can download and import to SCORM Cloud.

You can find all of our sample SCORM packages here.