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There are a few ways to share content from SCORM Cloud, and here they are.


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There a few different ways to deliver content from SCORM Cloud to your learners.


Clicking the “Invite” button on the course in SCORM Cloud’s library gives you two options:

Public Invites

scorm cloud registrations public invite
A public invitation creates a URL for your course . Anyone with the link can experience your content in SCORM Cloud. Send public invites via email directly from SCORM Cloud, email the link yourself, or put it on your webpage, whatever works best for you. Learners will be prompted to provide their name and email prior to starting the course. Registrations from public invitations happen when the learner launches the course.

Private Invites

scorm cloud private course invitation
Private invitations allow you to pre-register learners in your course. When you send a private invitation (via email), it automatically registers the learner for the course, and lets them launch the course directly from their email invitation.


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Sharing with Dispatch

scorm cloud dispatch registrations
Using Dispatch in SCORM Cloud lets you deliver your content to an LMS but still remain in control of it through SCORM Cloud. It works by telling an LMS to reach out to SCORM Cloud for your specific piece of content “on demand”. This gives you a lot of unique functions:

  • Update content in SCORM Cloud, and it automatically updates in any LMS with your Dispatch
  • Grant and deny permissions for LMSs to access your content (turn off access if they aren’t paying the bills)
  • Track how much an LMS is using your content
  • Ensure compatibility with even the most stubborn LMSs
  • Play your course in an LMS but keep the excellent reporting of SCORM Cloud
  • and more

To get started with Dispatch, just click the Dispatch button on any course in SCORM Cloud. Detailed instructions can be found here.


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Other sharing methods

We’ve integrated SCORM Cloud with a number of existing apps including WordPress, Google Apps, Moodle, and others. If you’d like more information on delivering and tracking your SCORM content with these apps, or if you’re interested in using the SCORM Cloud API to deliver and track content in your own app or LMS, visit our App Integration page.

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