SCORM Cloud: Reportage

We’ve built a powerful reporting tool for SCORM Cloud that takes advantage of the tracking power of SCORM.


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Now we’re going to show you the layout of a typical Reportage page, and what the different sections are used for. Knowing the layout of a Reportage page will help you understand the workflow. Click on any of these screenshots to see the full-sized version in detail.

The Header & Location Section

scorm cloud reporting reportage header and location section

The top menu options let you know what report your are viewing, and customize your views to filter by date range, learner, and/or course. Reportage uses any tags you have assigned to courses or learners to create “groups,” so you can group learners and courses by the tags you gave them in SCORM Cloud.

Overview Section

scorm cloud reporting reportage overview section
The Overview section shows you an overview the current report that you’ve selected. You can click on the different statistics to make them display in the chart/graph area. This section is dynamic, and displays information that’s useful for the type of report that you’re currently viewing.

Details Section

scorm cloud reports in reportage detailed reports
The Details section gives you options to dive down even further in whatever report you’re currently in. It’s dynamic, and displays different information depending on the type of report that you’re viewing.

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