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We’ve built a powerful reporting tool for SCORM Cloud that takes advantage of the tracking power of SCORM.


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Control Your Data

Reportage has a lot of useful data, and we try to present it to you clearly and easily. Sometimes it’s useful to access your data outside of SCORM Cloud, and we make that easy, too. We provide three ways: CSV exports, embeddable widgets, and via the SCORM Cloud API.

CSV Exports

SCORM Cloud reportage export csvOne of the most commonly used features, CSV exports allow you to open up your data in your favorite spreadsheet application to slice, dice and rearrange your data. You can access CSV exports by getting to the report that you want to export, then by using the “Other Reports” filter on the bottom of Reportage to filter exactly what data you want to see for that course or learner (all registrations, all completed registrations, etc.)

scorm cloud reportage export csvOnce you’ve made your selection in the “Other Reports” section, you’ll see all of your data, and an option to “Export CSV” on the top/right of the page.

Widgets & URLs

All throughout Reportage, on the bottom/right of almost any page or report you’ll see this little button:

scorm cloud export data iframe widget embed

When you see this button in the middle of a report page, clicking it will give you the HTML code to embed a widget of that current report wherever you like. Use it in an LMS or anywhere else that you want to view reports outside of Reportage. You can even build an external dashboard with just the widgets that you care about.

embed scorm cloud reportage widgets into your own dashboard

If you see this button at the very bottom of a page in reportage, then clicking it will give you a URL. Sharing this URL with anyone will let them view that entire page, but with no access to dive further into other Course or Learner Reports.


If you want to get data out of SCORM Cloud dynamically or on a large scale for use with an LMS, external site, or another application, you’ll use the SCORM Cloud API. The API is also useful if security is a concern.

To get started with the Cloud API, read the API overview section, then go here to learn how to pull reportage data with the API.



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