SCORM Cloud: Reportage

We’ve built a powerful reporting tool for SCORM Cloud that takes advantage of the tracking power of SCORM.

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Advanced Uses

Tags & Groups

When your importing courses or learners into SCORM Cloud, you can tag them with keywords. Keep in mind that these tags will become “groups” in Reportage, and you can pull reports based on those tags/groups. Organize your learners and courses by whatever you want: time, age, grade level, department name, etc. You get the picture. Seeing how “1st Period Math Class” performed or how “Forklift Operators” on the “Third Shift” are doing with their safety training is easy with tags/groups.

Question Item Analysis

scorm cloud reportage question item analysisThis is where you can see if there’s something wrong with a question in a test or quiz. If every learner is getting “question 7” wrong, chances are you need to change something about that question.

In order to do your own question item analysis, go to the Course Report for the course that you’re interested in, then click on “Interactions”. You’ll can see the breakdown of the course by questions and interactions.

Specify a Date Range

If you’d like to specify a specific date range for the report you’re currently viewing, just select “change” from the date section in the Header/Location bar.

scorm cloud reportage specify a date range

There are several preset date ranges that you can choose from, or you can specify a custom date range. In this section, you also need to choose if you want to see courses that were created, launched, or completed during your specified date range.

Comparison Metrics

Want to see how Johnny did compared to the rest of the third-shift forklift operators? You can find comparison metrics throughout Reportage. They look like this:

scorm cloud reportage advanced use comparison metrics

You can see what this comparison metric is comparing to by looking right above the Overview section of Reportage. You can also change what’s being compared in this same area by clicking on “Change”.

scorm cloud reportage see comparison metric and change it

If you click the “change” link to change what you’re comparing your current metrics with, a window will be brought up that lets you compare your current metrics to different time frames, course and learner tags/groups, and registration groups. Select the options you’d like to use for comparison, and click “apply”.

scorm cloud reportage comparison metrics filter

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