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Convert PowerPoint to SCORM

Converting a PowerPoint presentation to a SCORM package is an easy process, and we have the resources to show you many ways to get it done. It’s important that you don’t stop at just converting your PPT file — you need to test it to make sure that your conversion was done correctly, and that it will work in any SCORM conformant LMS. SCORM Cloud is a free way to test your content after you’ve converted it to SCORM. (It’ll also test AICC content.)

The steps to proper PowerPoint to SCORM conversion are:

1. Find the right tool

Just about any authoring tool will allow you to convert PowerPoint presentations to SCORM packages. So which one do you choose? We’ve created a tool called the eLearning Atlas, a searchable/filterable database of e-learning products, and you can find all of the authoring tools that allow PowerPoint conversion here. Refine your search further if you’re looking for a free tool.

2. Convert your PowerPoint Presentation

Whichever authoring tool you’ve chosen should have adequate instructions about the actual conversion process to turn your PPT file to a SCORM package. It’s a common function, and so it should be a very simple process.

3. Test your SCORM package in SCORM Cloud

After you’ve converted your PPT file to SCORM, it’s important to make sure that your new SCORM package is SCORM conformant. You can use SCORM Cloud to test your conformancy. Create a SCORM Cloud account (it’s quick and free), then upload your course in the Library section of SCORM Cloud and launch it. If it works in SCORM Cloud, it should work in any LMS.

4. Deliver your SCORM Package

You can import your SCORM package into any LMS that you desire and then invite learners to the LMS, or you can invite people to your content right from SCORM Cloud.

SCORM Cloud doesn’t replace a full-featured LMS, but if all you need is simple delivery and tracking of your SCORM course without all the bells and whistles, then SCORM Cloud just might be a perfect (and affordable) solution for you.

We’ve also integrated SCORM Cloud with several common portals like WordPress, Google Apps, Moodle, and a few others, so you can deliver your learning in a familiar environment.

Any questions?

Any questions about converting your PowerPoint presentation to a SCORM package? We’re here to help. Just call, or email support@scorm.com. We want to talk to you, really!