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BLTI (Basic Learning Tools Interoperability) is an e-learning standard from IMS that’s used by many educationally based LMSs. The only tracking that it reports is a final score.

With SCORM Cloud and SCORM Dispatch, you can play SCORM content in a BLTI LMS. This frees up tons of SCORM content (and content libraries) that couldn’t be used in BLTI LMSs before now.

Even better, since you’re using SCORM content, you get all of the tracking that SCORM provides. You can track much more than just a score.

To see a list of BLTI capable LMSs, see our pre-filtered eLearning Atlas entry here.

scorm content in blti lms scorm cloud dispatch

Here’s how to do it

Upload any SCORM content to SCORM Cloud, and then create a Dispatch out of it. Select your course in the list of your Dispatches, and hit the “BLTI” button. SCORM Cloud will then show you the URL, Key, and Secret that you’ll need to enter into your LMS in order to access the SCORM Cloud course from your LMS.

how to use scorm in blti lms with scorm cloud

That’s all there is to it! You can play the SCORM Course from your BLTI LMS, and see all of the trackable SCORM data for the course inside SCORM Cloud’s unparalleled reporting section. You can also track the Simple Outcome score via the BLTI LMS.


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