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Reporting you never thought possible

The reporting system in SCORM Cloud is unparalled. It’s more in-depth and detailed than any LMS reporting that we’ve come across.

Track completion in your LMS, visualize data in SCORM Cloud

Create a Dispatch package and import it into your LMS (or send via PENS publishing or BLTI.) Launch your course from your LMS, and Dispatch will record important completion data to your LMS, but all the juicy nuggets of detailed SCORM data stay in SCORM Cloud where they can be analyzed with our handy reporting engine.

Access a wealth of detailed information

Go to the Course Library in SCORM Cloud, click on the title of the course you want to get reporting for, then click on the “Reportage” button.

scorm cloud reportage in your LMS


Voila! You’ll now see SCORM Cloud’s Reportage data for your course. Drill down and click around, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about your SCORM content.

Tip: try tagging your content to slice and dice your report data.

See your reports anywhere

If you want to embed part or all of a report into an external webpage or LMS, just click on the triangle at the bottom/right of that section, and grab the embed code.
scorm cloud reporting embed code


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