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How to create a SCORM Dispatch

The process is simple, just upload your content to SCORM Cloud, then create a Dispatch package. What you get is a tiny SCORM content package (the Dispatch package) that can be imported or sent to any LMS. Once imported to an LMS, the Dispatch package delivers your content from SCORM Cloud and reports results in your LMS and in SCORM Cloud. SCORM Dispatch really increases the control and ease of use of your content.

First, upload to SCORM Cloud

From any page in SCORM Cloud, click “Choose File” on the top/right of the page and upload your content.

SCORM Cloud Import Course


Second, create your Dispatch

After you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll be directed to the Library page where your content resides. Click “Dispatch” in the “Share This Course” box on the top/right of the page. You’re halfway there.

SCORM Cloud create dispatch


The is where you will actually create your Dispatch. You can use individual Dispatches to allow/deny access to your content and to create separate reporting channels. You’ll use Destinations and Tags to categorize and organize your dispatches.

  • Add a destination (required). Destinations are a way for you to keep track of where you’ve sent your packages. Name them anything that makes sense to you — a client name, for example. Select an existing Destination from the drop down menu, or click “Add new” to create a new one. You can select multiple Destinations, and a new Dispatch will be created for each Destination that you select.
  • Add tags and give them longer descriptions as needed. Tags give you a further level of labeling your individual Dispatches, and are helpful later for reporting and filtering. Some tags you might use are department names, geographic location, types of clients, pricing models, etc.
  • Write a description in the “Notes” field if you need a detailed explanation of this Dispatch package.

When you’re finished entering your destination, tags, and notes, click “Create”.


Last step: export your Dispatch package

In the Dispatch section, you’ll see the Dispatch packages that you’ve created. Make sure to select the package that you’d like to export, then click on appropriate button for what you want to do:
scorm cloud export dispatch pens blti

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