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To use any of the features on this page, you’ll need to create a Dispatch.

Grant and deny access to content

If you license your content out on a per-use-basis or only for a certain amount of time, then you need to be able to grant and deny access that others have to your content.

With SCORM Dispatch, you can turn access to your content on and off. Just convert your learning content into Dispatch packages, and send the Dispatch packages out to LMS’s. You can create a separate Dispatch for each licensee of your content, or for each set of users that you’d like to grant/deny access. The Dispatch packages can then be turned on or off by you with just a few clicks, which grants/denies access to the groups that you’ve created.

How to deny access to your content

In SCORM Cloud, go to the Dispatch section. Click on the checkbox next to the appropriate Dispatch, then click “Enable” or “Disable.” Done.


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