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Control Content

When you deploy your content with SCORM Dispatch, you maintain control of your content even after it’s been delivered to an LMS.

  • Keep your content up to date — the easy way.
  • Tired of trying to fix a typo on 50 different servers (or even worse, relying on LMS admins to update your content)? Update your content in SCORM Cloud, and it will automatically update in any LMS that is using your Dispatch package — no need to send individual updates to everyone that uses your content. See how…

  • Grant and deny access to your content.
  • Tired of sending your intellectual property to somebody else’s server? Don’t want to “take their word for it” when it comes to how much someone is using your content? With SCORM Dispatch, you can sell your content on a per-use basis, and deny access based on whatever criteria you choose. See how…

  • Track your content.
  • In conjunction with managing and restricting access to your content, you might want to track individual dispatches. Track how, when and by whom your content is being used. See how…