Connecting learning with learners all over the internet


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The web is full of learning opportunity. But how to take advantage of it? How to connect what people do out on the web back to where you normally track learning?

Introducing SCORM Cloud, a hosted player that allows you to connect learners to learning anywhere on the web. You can reach learners where they are rather than waiting for them to come to your LMS.

In addition to supplying best of class SCORM, SCORM Cloud serves as a connection point between your LMS and the rest of the internet. Deliver courses out to WordPress or Facebook and collect data just like you would if you had launched the course within the LMS.

Don’t have an LMS or just need simple training delivery? SCORM Cloud still works for you with simple course sharing. Just send an email out to invite learners to take the course, then track the results. The course launches straight from a link in the email, so you don’t even need a website to make it happen! (Although, if you have a site or a blog, that can work too.)

The world of SCORM Cloud

So just what can you do in SCORM Cloud? What can you do right now? What can you do with some integration work? Check it out!

TestingHey! This is the functionality that used to be Test Track!
For years, content authors and buyers and developers relied on SCORM Test Track to try their training. That functionality just rolled over to SCORM Cloud as one of its many features but with a new interface. And yeah! It’s still free to test content because we believe in supporting the SCORM community and furthering the standard.

InvitationsShare content with others easily.
Test Track users always asked us to add course sharing, part of the motivation for making it part of SCORM Cloud. Because now, course sharing is possible – without the LMS. (Ooo, and you can do it a few times at no cost.)

Controlling contentKeep your source files protected when your course is used.
By design, SCORM expects content authors to deliver their content physically to the LMSs they server. But some content authors would rather maintain control over that content and monitor its use. Use SCORM Cloud to house and report on your content while keeping the source files protected.

Already integratedWhere you can already use SCORM Cloud.
Want to see where SCORM Cloud already has a home? Check out the list of completed integrations. One might be the system you’re using, meaning you could have great working SCORM in just a few minutes.

Connect an applicationCombine SCORM Cloud with other applications yourself.
Think of SCORM Cloud as a platform to build on and combine with other applications. Just about any application or system can deliver SCORM content and reporting by integrating with SCORM Cloud. Here’s how to make it happen.