Oh, the places you’ll go! Need to take SCORM Cloud somewhere we haven’t yet? Everything you need to get you there.


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Develop a SCORM Cloud app

We created SCORM Cloud to be as flexible as possible – hook it up with about any service with an API or extend our creations to add features you’d like to see. In fact, we want you to do this as much and as often as you want. Please. Do it.

To that end, we’ve collected all the things you’re going to need to make it happen – sample code, libraries, demo apps. And we’re always available to answer any questions about the process. (In fact, we’d love to hear all about what you’re doing!)


We’ve already done a few integrations with SCORM Cloud and have some of our own apps running on it. Where do we think there’s room for you to play?

  • Any LMS that doesn’t have a solid SCORM player (sometimes a necessary thing to win that government or corporate RFP)
  • A Google Calendar based assignment system. I’m told that the folks at Google assign training internally via their Calendar application. Why not extend that broadly to your organization?
  • An email based LMS? You could extend the concepts found in the demonstration application to become something production worthy.
  • Is your website user aware? Do you want those users to take some SCORM content?
  • WordPress tracks users… and content… and has a widget system for informing users.
  • A Facebook application. What if you built it in such a way that you could assign learning to members of your social network? This could easily be deployed as a widget in countless social networks.
  • What else? Your ideas, I promise, are better than ours!