PENS allows one-click publishing of content from authoring tool to LMS.

To start publishing with PENS from your authoring tool to SCORM Cloud, you’ll need to input a username, password, and PENS URL into your authoring tool. This information is available in your SCORM Cloud account.

Note: if you’re looking for information about one-click publishing from SCORM Cloud to your LMS, click here.

Here’s how:


  1. Once you’ve logged into SCORM Cloud, click on the “Apps” section, then click “Add an application.” Name it PENS or whatever you’d like. Make it something that you’ll remember as your PENS section in your SCORM Cloud apps.
  2. You now have a new app added for PENS. Click on “Show App ID” and your screen will look like the screenshot below.
  3. Click on “Show PENS Key” and now you’ll have everything that you need.
  4. The “Application Identifier” is the PENS username to use in the publishing section of your authoring tool, the “PENS Key” is your PENS password, and the “PENS Target System URL” is the URL that you’ll input into your authoring tool’s publishing section.
  5. Enter these three things into your authoring tool during the “Publish to SCORM Cloud” process once, and then you’ll be able to publish with one click to your SCORM Cloud account from then on.


How to use PENS with SCORM Cloud one click publishing

See PENS in action with SCORM Cloud and Claro, the authoring tool from dominKnow.

Happy publishing!