There has to be a better way to do SCORM in Moodle…

Rustici provides a viable alternative for those that require full SCORM 2004.

-Dan Marsden
Moodle SCORM
Module developer

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Adding SCORM Cloud Content to Moodle

moodle-uploadselectcloud1. Adding a course works pretty much the same as it always has. Go to Courses–>Add/Edit Courses–>Add a New Course. Put in all the information related to your course as usual. But when adding a course after installing SCORM Cloud, you should now see the option to select “SCORM Cloud Course” under Format. Pick that one. It’s good. Fill out whatever remaining information you need to, then click on Save Changes.

moodlecourse-midway2. Assign roles as needed, click Continue and you’ll be taken to the Add a SCORM Cloud Course page. Since the unique course ID field is already populated, just click Save and Return to Course to keep going.

moodle-courseupload3. Time to actually upload the file. Click on Browse, find the .zip file with your SCORM package and select it for upload.

moodle-courselaunch4. Ensure the file loaded correctly and everything is running smoothly by launching the course. You should see everything running just fine within the SCORM Cloud player window. (BTW, you can customize the way that looks with some CSS work. Ask us how.)

moodle-scorerecorded5. When you come back to the course screen, you can see that Moodle has recorded how much time you spent in the course and what score you recorded. And now you can start sending students through the course as well!