SCORM content issues with a hosted/SaaS LMS

Using sensitive training content effectively with a hosted LMS can be difficult. We’ve figured out the solution.

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Do you need control over content, when SaaS products are not an option?

We’ve seen it before — your organization has a hosted Learning Management System with which you’d like to use licensed content, but unless your LMS provider signs a certain agreement (usually something like an indemnity agreement), you’re not able to take full advantage of the material. In some cases, it’s difficult or impossible to manage your licensed training content on external servers. If you’re on a hosted LMS, you might be out of luck.

So, you’re left using sub-par workarounds like using screenshots coupled with self-reporting from your learners, or you can track training using traditional SCORM methods, but you have to remove all of the images from the course. Neither situation is ideal, but we have a way for you to have full tracking, rich courses, and not have to worry about your LMS provider signing agreements/contracts that they don’t want to (or won’t) sign.

A good example is Epic’s content that deals with health medical records. If you’re using a hosted/SaaS LMS, then Epic requires your LMS to sign an indemnity agreement that most LMSs won’t sign. Our product, Content Controller, lets you keep control of the content on your servers, use your current LMS, get full SCORM tracking data, and enables you to meet your content provider’s licensing requirements.

If you want to learn more about how it works, or ask us any questions about it, please get in touch. We love talking about this stuff.

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