SCORM Cloud + Drupal Installation

Download the SCORM
Cloud Drupal Module.

scorm for Dokeos


Getting started with your SCORM Cloud Drupal Integration



You must download the SCORM Cloud Drupal Module here:

To install the module, do one of these two things:

  1. Extract the archive and rename the resulting directory as scorm_cloud, then place in ‘sites/all/libraries’ or ‘sites/default/libraries’


  1. Run the drush command- drush scorm-cloud-dl

2. Set up your SCORM Cloud account. Choose the account plan that makes the most sense for you based on anticipated usage. There is a free option available for testing purposes.

3. Within your SCORM Cloud account, add a new application for your Drupal integration under the “Apps” section.


1. You will need to configure the module at admin/settings/scorm_cloud.

2. Enter the AppID and Secret Key from the application that you set up in your SCORM Cloud account. You can find them by selecting “Show App Id”

add drupal scorm cloud lms thumb

3. Install the included SCORM Cloud Field module which provides a CCK field for adding SCORM Cloud courses to a node.

4. You can now use the SCORM Cloud Field module to upload a SCORM course file.

5. Set up the permissions module to determine which roles can take, retake, preview and review your SCORM Cloud courses. An example of user roles might look like this:

DrupalAdmin – access all admin functions, reports, and SCORM Cloud config.
LMS_Admin – access some admin functions and admin/reports/scorm_cloud.
LMS_TrainerPrivileged – create SCORM Cloud courses and view all registrations.
LMS_Trainer – create SCORM Cloud courses and view registrations for own courses.
LMS_Student – take SCORM Cloud courses and view own registrations.
authenticated – optionally use authenticated user for student role.


eCommerce– Optionally sell access to SCORM Cloud courses with additional modules. An example is Ubercart.

Course listings– If you have Views enabled you can create customized listing of courses and registrations created by your users. An example view is provided called scorm_cloud_registrations_admin

Customization– Override the SCORM Cloud player CSS with the SCORM Course field CCK definition.