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Moodle has long been a stalwart open source LMS. In fact, they just celebrated their 9th birthday. In that time their platform has matured and progressed from version 1.0 to the most recent release which now starts with a ‘2’.

When we launched SCORM Cloud, we pre-built a few integrations we thought made sense, including a Moodle mod. Well that was back in the early days of 1.9.  For those running 1.9, the SCORM Cloud mod allows you to play SCORM 2004 content on your Moodle site.

In v2.0 Moodle revised their plugin architecture. Until now, there wasn’t a mod for the 2.0 platform that could support SCORM 2004.

You asked (and asked again), and we listened. The updated SCORM Cloud mod for Moodle 2.x is ready and now available. Follow the steps listed here to get started.

Can’t stand the wait next time? The SCORM Cloud integrations we’ve created are all open source and freely available on Github.

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Certified SCORM for Moodle

Categories: SCORM Cloud
6 Jul 2010

moodlelogoMoodle worked for years to achieve SCORM 1.2 conformance and certification. They achieved this laudable goal in October 2009, more than eight years after the standard’s release. A long road and congrats on getting there. Just a few months later, we had Moodle certified for SCORM 2004 by installing the SCORM Cloud Moodle plug-in (which takes about five minutes).

We totally understand that SCORM 2004 is irrelevant for a lot of Moodle users. But we also understand that it’s crucial for others. As Moodle partners like Moodlerooms and others attempt to sell their solution to government agencies, they frequently run into the federal government’s requirements around SCORM 2004. As sophisticated content authors look to apply their SCORM 2004 content in Moodle, they are stopped in their tracks.

For people and companies looking for next level of SCORM capability, SCORM Cloud lets them push Moodle miles forward … in about five minutes.

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This was the idea all along. We wanted to solve a difficult problem, one that was unpleasant to everyone who looked at, and we wanted to solve it in a way that made it easier for them to use our solution than make their own.

Dan Marsden’s thoughts on the SCORM Cloud + Moodle plugin make me feel like we’ve done exactly that.

With the availability of the Rustici engine at an affordable price, the urgency for getting the SCORM module in Moodle SCORM 2004 compliant/certified has definately decreased.

Context: Dan contributes a great deal to Moodle’s codebase, particularly in the area of the SCORM module. He knows his Moodle stuff and he knows his SCORM stuff.

If you use Moodle and you’ve ever had cause to consider SCORM 2004, I think Dan’s message is pretty compelling.

How would you get started?

Moodle mod + directions available here.

SCORM Cloud signup available here.

Thanks to Dan for taking the time to check out our work. He offered some comments that are spot on, of course, and we’ve taken those to heart. We’ll release those changes later this week.

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Dear Drupal User

Categories: SCORM Cloud
12 Jun 2009

Dear Drupal User.

I’m so happy for you… your relationship with Drew Pal has brought so many great things to your life and your work… I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. In every relationship, though, I know tough times come along, and I can sympathize. I recently heard from a mutual friend that you’ve hit a real snag in your relationship. It seems that your dear friend is failing to meet your needs in a very important, very personal way. Drew just doesn’t seem to understand why SCORM is important to you.

I know a lot of guys like Drew. They say they care about your needs. Sometimes, they make sincere efforts to be there for you… but do they last? Do they really understand? I know Drew’s been giving you lip service about this for years… wasn’t it back in 2007 when he said he would really work on this SCORM thing? That didn’t work out, did it? So what did Drew do then? Drew thought he could bring in one of his buddies… he thought the two of them together could embrace your needs. The problem, though, is that Mo Dull isn’t all that great with SCORM either. Mo is more of an early 2000’s guy, since he’s yet to embrace SCORM 2004. So then you were stuck with Mo and Drew together, and neither of them really did what you needed them to do. Twice the headache.

You’re not ready to throw Drew to the wolves, though, are you? He does great things for you, and you can trust him. You know what you’ve got, and you really kind of like it, you just wish it did this one thing better? I think it’s time for me to introduce you to the Cloud…

The SCORM Cloud is the best kind of therapist… he sits between you and Drew and explains what you really mean to each other. With SCORM Cloud serving the content, there are no mixed messages, no disastrous incidents… Your needs are met… you can deliver SCORM content without a headache. And Drew? Drew would be thrilled. Drew wouldn’t have to spend any of his time and energy trying to understand this crazy SCORM stuff. He would get the simple, grunt sized pieces of information that he needed.

SCORM Cloud therapy, like most valuable things, does come with a cost. The good doctor spends countless hours in continuing education to keep up with the evolving “illness” that is SCORM, and hosting these pieces of content isn’t a trivial expense. That cost is simply passed on to you, since Drew himself won’t pay.

Drupal User, I would love to introduce you to SCORM Cloud. Scheduling that appointment would take a bit of time on both our parts, but your sincere interest in ongoing therapy would make it worth my while. Please, send me a note, and we’ll introduce the two of you.


Note: We haven’t put together the connection for Drupal and SCORM Cloud yet. We would love for you to do that yourself. Or, if you’d rather we do it, let us know that it would be useful for you, and we can help out. And if you have another piece of open source software that you’d like us to integrate, let us know that as well… Moodle, Sakai, WordPress, all of these systems would fit together with the SCORM Cloud beautifully… just give us a good reason.

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